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Monday, July 15, 2013

Kimberly's Wedding

Did you see the photos I shot at my granddaughter Kimberly's wedding July 13? Click here to check them out! It was a day filled with such love and joy.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Past Two Weeks - Part I

Four cousins, left to right above -- Bonnie, Ann , Judy and Charlou. We had dinner together at Judy's house in Springdale in Northwest Arkansas, on June 29. Charlou lives in Bella Vista, about 40 minutes away; Bonnie flew up from Florida (she's moving back to Northwest Arkansas in the next few months) and I flew out from California.

Bonnie's grandfather Lester (second from left below), Judy's father Floyd (second from right) and Charlou's and my grandfather Roy (far right) were brothers. This photo was taken in Fayetteville, also in Northwest Arkansas; their other brother Lloyd is on the left and that's their mother, my great-grandmother Alice Irwin Elliott, in the middle.

We cousins have deep roots in Northwest Arkansas, where I spent the past couple of weeks during my semi-annual visit in the spectacular Ozark Mountains.

I stayed at the home of my sister Charlou and brother-in-law Bill at beautiful Lake Avalon in Bella Vista. I shot this photo from their back upstairs deck:

On the days when Charlou was working as an R.N. in the intensive care unit at Mercy Hospital in nearby Rogers, I continued my hunt for family records and stories at nearby libraries and historical museums.

But on her free days, we spent quality sister time together!

Here's Captain Charlou piloting the pontoon boat. They have their own dock so it's easy to take the boat out for a spin.

The dogs don't miss a minute of the action!


Charlou's husband Bill:

In the next few days I'll post photos from our overnight trip to St. Louis, a look at the Confederate Cemetery in Fayetteville, some of the intriguing family info I uncovered while digging around at nearby libraries and museums, and more.

For now it's good to be home -- but my heart is another part of the country!