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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mystery History

Where are we? And what's happening?
The first person to guess correctly will win lunch with me -- I'll buy yours and you'll buy mine.

 Remember, leave your briefguess as a comment on this blog but don't try to give the entire back story (that's my job).

I'll have the full scoop on Thursday.


  1. This is from The Bachelor reality tv show last night.

  2. Funny, Cafe Pasadena!
    The old Busch Gardens in the arroyo seems too obvious, so could it be a garden scene on Oaklawn Drive in South Pas (or is that in the outer limits?)

  3. Descanso gardens?

  4. Looks to me like Busch Gardens in the 1920's. Backup guess, the grounds of what is the Langham today. MarkM

  5. Huntington Gardens

  6. I'm going to say these are students at Ambassador College, on the little bridge that crosses the waterfall towards the south end of the campus.

    Or Storrier Stearns.