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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mystery History

Where are we? And what's happening?
The first person to guess correctly will win lunch with me -- I'll buy yours and you'll buy mine.
Remember, leave your brief guess as a comment on this blog but don't try to give the entire back story (that's my job).
I'll have the full scoop on Thursday. 


  1. It's opening night of the Marcel Duchamp retrospective held at the museum that became the Norton Simon. I can also tell you who is in the photo, but you might have more fun clarifying that. :)

  2. I felt guilty because I knew this, but Lexa got to you first.

  3. That looks like Dennis Hopper on the right, no?

  4. That's right, Kat. I'm dying to tell who's on the left.

  5. Scratch that, I've just remembered that it's Andy Warhol. Looking far too young and healthy.