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Monday, July 21, 2014

Pssst -- Did You Hear About Ann Erdman?

There are rumors about yours truly that get back to me from time to time, and ordinarily I just shrug them off.

But the latest one has really gotten under my skin. I'll talk about that one in a minute.

First, an example of one of the many rumors about me that float around:

Shortly after I retired, several people, individually, reached out to me to say they were so sorry to hear what had happened.

OK, I thought. I'll bite.

What happened?
They had all heard -- through the grapevine -- that I had been "encouraged to resign" and had been given my retirement package as a parting gift.

Oh, brother. Nothing could have been further from the truth.

I had experienced a catastrophic medical issue and was on leave for nearly four months. When Dr. Wes Powell released me to return to work on a part-time basis, I knew from day one that I wanted to retire and go live a life after a 38-year career.

I told City Manager Michael Beck right away and stayed for another five months before I retired so there would be plenty of time for the Human Resources Department to recruit for a new PIO before I headed off to my new adventure.

On my penultimate day on the job, Michael had his staff pull out all the stops for a farewell party for me in the courtyard at Pasadena City Hall to which city staff, elected officials and the community were invited. There were a couple of hundred people there, and Michael and my peers on the Executive Leadership Team presented me with a lovely, engraved Tiffany bowl that I treasure to this day.
"Encouraged to resign"? Hardly.

Now on to the latest rumor that has caused me to lose sleep:

On Saturday I was told that somebody is going around saying that I told him or her (I don't know which) personally, as in face-to-face, that Mayor Bill Bogaard is not going to run for re-election in 2015. 

I worked every day with Mayor Bogaard for nearly 14 years. We respect each other greatly and still keep in touch regularly.

But here's the thing -- well, two.

First, Mayor Bogaard hasn't said a thing to me about whether he is going to run for re-election or not, so I have no idea what his plan might be.

And second, when he wants to go public with his decision, it will be his to announce.

So whoever you are out there, making up yet another story about me: Shame on you.  

Any questions?

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  1. Good on ya, Ann. Take it too them and keep 'em honest.

  2. As Anonymous once said, "More people are run down by gossip than by automobiles." Although Robert Frost, of all people, is quoted as saying, "There are three great things in the world: There is religion, there is science, and there is gossip."

    In any case, I think you have covered it well, so good on ya!

  3. At 1st I thought this was gonna be about the pregnancy rumor.
    More seriously, I always 4get to mention to The Mayor that we need him to run "one more time" - now more than ever!

  4. Ann, this post made me laugh. Honestly, who comes up with this stuff? I like the Mayor, though if he didn't run again I couldn't blame him. He's surely done his service (and then some) to Pasadena. And so have you.

  5. Haha!!! I so relate...being TheChieftess to TheChief I know all about rumors!!!
    You handled it superbly!!!

  6. Don't lose sleep over this, Ann. No one could possibly doubt your integrity. You're the consummate communication professional with a track record that covers decades. I'd trust you with any secret of mine, if only I had one.

  7. OOOO Ann, you are the best! Don't worry about rumors that unsuccessful people spread. Obviously, they are not happy with themselves, and you have something that they like and would like to have. Keep up your great work; setting that awesome road for others to follow. You are bigger than any rumor could ever be! your friend on FB, Multi-Task Plumbing

  8. Also, thank you for all the great information you provide my daughter and I on FB. My daughter is enrolled at the Pasadena Safety Academy because of you!