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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mystery History

Where are we? And what's happening?

The first person to guess correctly will win lunch with me -- I'll buy yours and you'll buy mine.

Remember, leave your brief guess as a comment on this blog post but don't try to give the entire back story (that's my job).

I'll have the full scoop on Thursday.


  1. Looks like the Feynes mansion, and the people look like they're acting. More than that, I do not know.

  2. I would have had a harder time without the previous two guesses, but if you want a completely accurate answer, it is Tom Mix escaping from the Fenyes house while filming a D.W. Griffith movie, "Western Blood." But I already have an unclaimed lunch date with you (it's a long way from Cobb, CA to Pasadena!), so award as you see fit!

  3. Trying to beat the rush to Buster's for lunch. Well, the first folks have the answer so I thought I'd provide a small chuckle.

  4. The original filming of the Graduate written by Pasadenian Charles Web whose father was my mothers gynecologist. Here, Tom Mix, playing the role of Benjamin Braddock, steals the girl and ditches the horse in favor of plastics. That's is where the money is.

  5. Ain't that always the way -- I finally knew one but got here too late.