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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Michele Zack and the Lisu Tribe

We all have various circles of friends. Some we've known all our lives, some we connected with at work, some are neighbors, others we came to know through volunteer activities.

Michele Zack -- historian, fellow blogger and published author -- is among my many friends. We knew of each other by reputation for some time and became friends after we volunteered to serve on the steering committee for LitFest Pasadena in 2012. That led to a particular circle of friends, all of whom served on that team, who call ourselves WoFo (the meaning behind the name is a state secret).

That's Michele in the recent photo above with a group of musicians in Putao, Myanmar

As I write this she's in that part of the world, working on an update of an ethnology of the Lisu hill tribe, most of whom live in remote highland areas of Southeast Asia. 

She wrote the original in the 1990s when she was living in Thailand.

She now has a publisher, University Press of Colorado, that is eager to produce her work on the Lisu tribe.

This is her new work space in Hang Dong, Thailand, where she is writing up her notes from the past two months before returning home to Altadena to complete the book:

All who know Michele are looking forward to celebrating the book debut and diving right in.

Be sure to catch updates on her blog and follow her travels on her Facebook page.

We miss you, Michele. I can't wait to get together for lunch when you return so you can tell the WoFo even more about it!

Photos courtesy of Michele Zack.


  1. Brava, Michele! What a workspace!

    I've always wanted to be a WoFo, but alas, I know it shall never be.

    1. Alas indeed, Petrea, but I'm so happy to have you in another circle of friends. Fellow bloggers unite!

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  3. Wonderful post, Ann! Can't wait for her book!

    1. Lori, we are all filled with eager anticipation. What an adventure!