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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bloggers' Tour of City Hall this Saturday!

If you're a fellow blogger, join me for a behind-the-scenes tour of the 1920s-era City Hall, including background about the history and architecture of Pasadena's most famous landmark.

We'll meet in the courtyard this Saturday, Sept. 15, at 10:30 a.m., then go along corridors, into stairwells, all around the courtyard and every other exterior nook and cranny (with the exception of the tower, which is off-limits these days).

See the Facebook event item here.

Don't forget your camera!

After the tour, as bloggers' schedules allow, we'll head to a nearby restaurant for food and those all-important beverages.

Parking: My best advice is to leave your car behind and take the Metro Gold Line to the Memorial Park Station, then walk a short block and a half to City Hall. If you're totally tied to your vehicle, the first 90 minutes are free under Paseo Colorado just a block away; there are also a couple of surface parking lots in the area. Paying at a garage or lot is a lot cheaper than getting a nearly $50 parking ticket!  Please note I cannot provide parking validations.

For more information e-mail me at or call me at (626) 375-2742.

PLEASE NOTE this is not a "y'all come" community tour -- I can't accommodate a cast of thousands! But for all you bloggers, I hope you can make it!

All of the photos above were shot by Tavo Olmos.


  1. Ann, I am so very sad to miss this. My son and his wife are leaving today and I wanted to spend their last moments in Pasadena with them. Won't see them again until next spring, as they live in London. I hope you'll do another tour soon and invite me along.

  2. This was a fabulous tour. Thank you, Ann!