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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mystery History

Where are we? And what's happening?
The first person to guess correctly will win lunch with me -- I'll buy yours and you'll buy mine.
Remember, leave your brief guess as a comment on this blog but don't try to give the entire back story (that's my job).
I'll have the full scoop on Thursday.


  1. the Bat Man house that was owned by one of the Getty heirs. Burned down a few years back - architect Paul Williams

  2. Wild guess: Is this the old mansion they've just pulled down on the Ambassador campus? If so, this must be a very recent photo - so I bet I'm wrong. Shucks, no lunch with Ann.

  3. Wilder guess. Central Library in Library Park?

  4. I have a hunch that PA is correct. But if not, then my guess is early terrorism, when life was still black & white.

  5. Trish had some technical difficulties trying to leave a comment. She messaged me on Facebook:

    "Guessing this is post 1933 LB quake or 1951 Tehachapi quake. Looks like a number of churches I remember, but am wondering if it isn't the old City Hall?"

  6. congrats Wanda.

    I went to the back post and caught something that interested me. The exterior of the old library seems to be made of a stone that is similar to that used on the church on ave 64. A future Mystery History???? can you ask the historians if they know if the rock came from the same place and where that place is? I recall reading that there was some kind of quarry in the San Fernando Valley

  7. That's a good question, PA. I've always thought the stone in the photos resembled that of the church that now stands at Holliston and Walnut. These three buildings are of the same era, I believe. You have an interesting hunch.