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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mystory History -- Solved!

Wanda wins with her 12:26 p.m. Tuesday guess " Central Library in Library Park?"

In the photo above, demolition is underway of the Pasadena Public Library.

The next photo with the bicycles in front of the library is well known to many of us, but I found this one printed on a piece of cloth in the Pasadena Museum of History archival file.

The library was located at Library Park, now called Memorial Park. The building is in the left background in this photo:

An interior shot:

I did a related Mystery History post on my Pasadena PIO blog in 2009, so you can see more there, including what's left of the building.


  1. I much prefer the "new" library. Another interesting mystery solved, thanks, Ann.

  2. I attended St. Andrew's School on N. Raymond, and as a child always wondered what those stand-alone arches in the park across the street were. Not until many years later did I learn that those arches are all that remain of the old library. The arched windows in your photo were my clue. The architecture and stone walls of the old library remind me a little of the Church of the Angels on Ave. 64.

  3. I like this one. Probably just because it's older.

    So was Trish partly right? This library had to be torn down due to earthquake damage, so I'm wondering if it was one of the ones she referenced.

  4. Ahh the old ways. I've never seen plants in a library.