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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mystery History -- Solved!

Petrea was closest with her 8:48 p.m. Tuesday guess "Must be some early event at Tournament Park," so I'm declaring her the winner this week. 

In the 1911 photo above, equestrians compete in a Tournament of Roses horsemanship contest at Tournament Park.

Horses have been an important part of the Tournament of Roses from the beginning.

The chariot races at Tournament Park were de riguer.

And of course the Rose Parade began with horse-drawn carriages decorated with flowers, also at Tournament Park.

Eventually famous equestrians got in the act. Here's Hopalong Cassidy in the 1952 Rose Parade, surrounded by adoring young fans.

Equestfest at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center in Burbank a couple of days before the Rose Parade has been part of Tournament of Roses activities for several years. 

It's a family-friendly day of roping acts, jousting demonstrations, precision riding teams and a host of other equestrian exhibitions, plus food, live music and more. You can also stroll through the stables and talk to the riders. 

All you need is a ticket (available online beginning this fall).

Many thanks to Pasadena Museum of History, Tournament of Roses, and The Photo Forum for the photos.


  1. Well done, Petrea. I didn't believe it could be Tournament Park because it's a small wooded area belonging to Caltech with a few benches and a kid's playground. But I should have remembered that the park was much bigger originally - before Caltech's buildings crossed California Boulevard. The land was donated to the city for use as a park by Benjamin Wilson. Fascinating post as always, Ann.

    1. Donated by Don Bentio Wilson?
      Yes, TPk was bigger - but what were the original boundaries??
      Today about all you could have is a baby stroller race

  2. Thanks, Ann, I'll look forward to it!