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Monday, May 28, 2012

Road Trip, Day Five

See the end of this post for info about this photo.

This was day five of the road trip with my first-born daughter Becky. Last night we stayed in Portland, so this morning we did a little exploring in that city.

We went downtown, where the tree-lined streets are beautiful.

There is public art throughout the downtown area, much of it depicting wildlife indigenous to the Columbia River, which runs through Portland.

The downtown area is home to about 40 historic Benson Bubblers, which run constantly to quench the thirst of any and all passersby.

We visited Pioneer Courthouse Square, where Becky posed in the shadow of historic and new buildings.

At the square's visitor center, Becky cranked a penny squisher while two curious children looked on.

We left Portland and drove along the Columbia River Gorge. The Columbia River was the last leg of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

At Cascade Locks there is a public art installation depicting Sacagawea, with her papoose on her back, and Meriwether Lewis's dog Seaman. That's the state of Washington across the river.

Hi-yo, Seaman! Away!

Next we stopped in at the Bonneville Fish Hatchery, run by the Oregon Department of Fish and Game, where we had a great time strolling along trails, exploring the grounds and learning all about salmon, sturgeon and rainbow trout.

Dig the weather vane:

Salmon egg incubators:

Other visitors looking at gigantic sturgeon in a huge pond:

We headed west along the Columbia River Gorge and then south toward Mount Hood (partially visible in the center of this photo, with bright white snow).

We passed Three Sisters, also covered in snow.

The farther south we went, the more the landscape changed (Becky turned around and shot this one looking through the back seat window):

And tonight we're in Bend, Oregon, smack dab in the center of the state. Tomorrow? Check back to find out where we end up!

Becky shot the top photo on this post: Horsetail Falls along the Columbia River Gorge.


  1. Your looking towards snow covered mountains north of you but those behind are dry? I'm confused. Anyhow, I look forward to your next stop. Your taking my road trip. I've been on it but only by train

  2. I didn't state it very well. The more rugged terrain was farther south.

    The train ride is spectacular, isn't it? About 15 years ago my mother won the national Amtrak sweepstakes and the prize was a round-trip vacation for up to six people anywhere in the continental U.S. that Amtrak goes, including three nights in a nice hotel. She chose Portland because her elderly aunt was there and she wanted one last visit. My mom and dad, sister, niece and I went.

  3. that is so cool!. I think what your doing with your daughter is really special. 10 years ago I went with my mother and aunt to visit my other aunt and cousins in Seattle. I remember going through the Mount Shasta area with all these volcanic rocks and thinking - one day I'm going back by auto and camping there.

    I just looked at the map and now I know where Alturis is. Your heading towards Reno on 395?. If you stop at the art museum say hello to David Walker for me and Vic