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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Road Trip, Day One

Today I hit the road with my first-born child, Becky, who left her hubby and sons behind for some mommy/daughter time.

I drove from Pasadena to Clovis, Calif., about four hours north in the Central Valley, and we headed to the Napa Valley.

We're staying in Napa tonight, will do a little wine country exploration tomorrow and then head to the next destination (you'll have to tune in tomorrow night to learn what that is!).

But first, here's how we got to where we are tonight.

We needed to get from the 99 to the 5, so we headed west via Madera, where streets include fractions...

...and Los Banos, home of an annual tomato festival.

Then north on the 5 to a lot of other freeways that took us past Walnut Creek (where we lived many years ago), across the Carquinez Strait to Vallejo (where I lived as a young child) and then to the Napa Valley.

All in all, it was a beautiful drive through spectacular countryside and farmland.

Tomorrow we'll head to points even farther north. We'll take photos all along the way so there'll be more images on the blog tomorrow after we're on the road again.


  1. Have a safe journey.

    And enjoy the wine country.

  2. Thanks for sharing. It's like we're there with you! (Not really, but it's still cool...)

  3. My parents lived in Walnut Creek before I was born. My older sister was born there. I believe it's changed since then...

  4. Thanks, Jean. We did!

    Mike and Lori, weren't we together in a resort location just last week?!

    Petrea, I moved to Walnut Creek with my children in the late 1970s and worked at a advertising and PR agency in Orinda. Next stop four years later was Palm Springs, then Pasadena. We only went past Walnut Creek on the freeway but I can safely say it was unrecognizable all these years later.